A valid PAL is required to buy firearms in Canada. Unlawful use of this service will be reported to LAW ENFORCEMENT. Find out how to obtain your PAL.

Fraud Awareness

It’s important to be aware of online scams and fraudulent activities and learn how to protect yourself against them. If you become aware of fraudulent activities on Gunxpress.com stop all contact with the suspicious trader and let us know about it.

Reporting a scam If you see an ad that you think is fraudulent, receive a phishing email, are contacted by an overseas Buyer or Seller or if you’re suspicious of anything you see on Gunxpress.com please contact us.

If you’ve been the victim of fraud you should report it to Gunxpress.com immediately and make a report to the police.

What to report

You should report suspicious ads that you think could be fraudulent, particularly if a seller won’t provide their contact details or if they ask for payment to be sent overseas.

You should report ads that you think are advertising fake or counterfeit items.

You should report inappropriate behaviour such as:
  • Activities that are dishonest, misleading, unauthorized or illegal.
  • Behaviour or language that is personally abusive, damaging or offensive towards you.
  • Comments that are profane, vulgar, obscene or racist.
  • Phishing
  • Fraudulent SMS/Text messages (Smishing)

Look for warning signs

An item is advertised at a very low price – particularly an expensive item.
The buyer, seller or item is located overseas.
The seller wants to change how they receive a payment to a less safe payment method.
The seller insists on payment via Western Union or another cash transfer service.

Reporting suspected fraud helps us:
  • Investigate an incident and take appropriate action
  • Protect buyers and sellers
  • Inform others of scams that may be operating on online buying, selling or trading sites so they can better protect themselves
If you’re not sure contact us with your concerns.

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Selling firearms and accessories all over Canada.
You need a valid PAL if you plan to deal with firearms. Find out more here about how to obtain a license.
* Hey friend, you need a valid PAL if you plan to deal with firearms. Find out more here about how to obtain a license.

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