A valid PAL is required to buy firearms in Canada. Unlawful use of this service will be reported to LAW ENFORCEMENT. Find out how to obtain your PAL.

Buying a Firearm

Do NOT send a photocopy of your identification or PAL over the internet. It is incumbent on all purchasers and vendors to have all the requisite registrations, licences and permits to own and transfer a firearm. Please call the Canadian Firearms Program at 1-800-731-4000 and ask for help verifying the licence numbers of both parties before completing your transaction.

To buy safely online you should always be aware of the signs of a fraudulent seller. Here are some things to look out for:
  • The price of an item is well under market value.
  • If the price seems too good to be true it probably is.

The seller insists on email contact only.

If you’re unable to speak to the seller by phone, and you are not comfortable arranging an inspection over email, then you shouldn’t proceed with the transaction.


The seller is located overseas.

Sellers who don’t live in Canada aren’t permitted to sell items on Gunxpress.com.


You’re unable to inspect the item before making payment.
We recommend you always inspect items before making a payment.


You’ve been asked to pay using a cash transfer service.
All transactions should take place in person with cash unless it’s a mail order in which case we recommend using C.O.D to ensure the seller sends the product, often sellers also ask for deposit for C.O.D because it costs them upfront shipping.

Buying in person

When buying in person you have the advantage of seeing exactly the product you will get, however that doesn’t mean that there aren’t potential problems with this method.


When buying in person you should always let someone know where you are going or go with a friend. It isn’t possible to meet in a public place for many of the products listed on this website so meeting in a private residence will be 99% of the time the default. It is possible however to meet at a local gun/hunt club or shooting range for a firearms transaction.


Make sure to physically inspect the firearm or product to ensure it fits the description and is in the same quality as it was listed as. It is fair to bargain the price when there are marks and dents that weren’t originally described in the listing, however, the seller is not obligated to drop their price.


Make sure to inspect the following:

  • Condition of the bore
  • Crowning
  • Smoothness of the action
  • Barrel
  • Clip
  • Other specifics related to the product as well

Buying online

Make sure to ask for any pictures you’d like to see in greater detail. This is good practice to confirm the seller indeed has the product.


Online sales are usually done two ways, either the money gets sent electronically (eTransfer, Bank Transfer or other methods) or the product is sent cash on delivery.


Cash on delivery is when a delivery company (Canada Post, Fedex or Purolator) will require payment once the product has been delivered to the customer. This method is by far the safest because it confirms they send something out for delivery, however you aren’t able to inspect the package until after it’s paid for.


It is important to make sure you take your time to review the sellers profile and reviews, good sellers will build up a strong reputation over time. However there are always new sellers on the site who may be doing a transaction for their first time, this doesn’t mean they are necessarily trying to scam you, there are other methods available to authenticate the seller.


You can ask for a video chat in which the seller can show you the firearm. A video which the seller writes today’s date and shows the firearms is also a good way to verify.


At the end of the day, hundreds of transactions are done every month both online and in person, the amount of issues are almost equal and account for a small fraction of the overall transactions.


We do our best to protect both buyers and sellers with our unique features and education pages that best prepare our members for transactions.

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Selling firearms and accessories all over Canada.
You need a valid PAL if you plan to deal with firearms. Find out more here about how to obtain a license.
* Hey friend, you need a valid PAL if you plan to deal with firearms. Find out more here about how to obtain a license.

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